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The finest, most comprehensive Chiropractic care in the Region!

Our office offers state of the art decompression traction therapy for the treatment of both acute and chronic disc conditions as well as Joint pain and the symptoms associated with spinal stenosis and arthritis. Traction is a gentle procedure which commonly involves either the Lumbar Spine (the lower back) or the Cervical Spine (the neck) and offers speedy results.

Our office uses the Chattanooga Triton Traction System which is the same equipment used in hospitals and sports medicine clinics throughout the united states.

Many Chiropractic offices state the traction is a “cure all” for back pain. It is not! It is a tool which we use alongside our other services to help you regain function and quality of life. We have been utilizing the triton system for 10 years and have had many satisfied patients.

Our offices differs from the rest as we offer traction as needed, not part of a lengthy treatment plan costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

If you’re thinking traction would help in your condition please contact us first before you contact the mass marketers who offer high priced sales pitches – we promise we will treat you the individual with the best skillsets offered in chiropractic in our region.

Should traction not be the answer for you, we will work with other professionals in our referral network to assist in your healing. We commonly work with pain management groups, physical therapists as well as physiatrists and surgeons to get you the care you need in a timely manner. We recognize that we are part of a team who together will work to get you the results which you require and deserve.

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